Modern Calligraphy Class

I've brushed off skills I developed at my very first job after college. I took a job as a lettering artist creating sample ads for the Southern Bell sales force to show prospective advertisers for the Yellow Pages. Yes, I am definitely dating myself! I learned how to use the old fashioned Speedball pointed pens with nibs (the writing tips) of all shapes and sizes. I also learned how to write in English calligraphy script and, in fact, lettered my own wedding invitations.

When I saw modern calligraphy starting to trend I decided to dust off my old pens and start practicing! I've expanded beyond pens to markers and brushes as well. I've put a few things "out there" and have gotten lots of compliments, and recently was asked to teach a class for beginning calligraphy. I said yes.
Part of the fun of a calligraphy class is a pretty table and just a little bit of chocolate!

And, of course, goodies to take home to keep practicing.
New calligraphers busy at work.
I ended up being a bit of a project to put together a supply kit with tools, papers, and written instructions. I had several students, we all had fun, and I think I may do this again. My students all did a great job and left feeling like they had learned something new, fun, and meaningful, as well as meeting new people with like interests! I could have told them that is what the art world is all about, but I think they know.

Many thanks to Bonnie Getchell, owner of Revolutionaries Market in Monroe, Georgia. Such a cute shop (on E. Washington St.) and let me tell you, she does amazing work custom painting vintage furniture to look like it is brand new.

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  1. Yet another artistic venture from a multi-talented artist. Looking forward to your upcoming gallery show too.