Oliver, A Good Old Boy

"Oliver", 24"x24", Oil with Resin varnish, $950
I have a longstanding love of horses. This guy belonged to some friends of mine, and was more a backyard pet than a workhorse. He has since gone to live with new owners, so I'm glad I got his picture to work from. This stance, for a horse, with the back hoof resting, means the horse is relaxed and comfortable. Just hangin' out, watching me take his picture, probably curious as to when he was going to get a treat from me.

This painting uses a panel as its support. The surface of a panel is strong, doesn't move when paint is applied, and smooth. That creates a different surface from canvas. I like the way the paint flows across the surface, allowing detail or drips with ease. Because of that I was able to combine both, allowing a traditional subject contemporary presentation.

The painting has been varnished with epoxy resin, the equivalent of 50 coats of traditional varnish. The result is a glass-like finish that is very clear and shows every brushstroke, enhances the color, and makes the painting look like it was just painted.


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