Getting Ready for A Show, Part 2

"Taking Fllight" 16x20"
It's "crunch time", as the saying goes, in getting ready to take my work to Sautee Nacoochee for my show. The paintings have been created, and now it is time to gather them together, pack the car, and deliver them to the gallery. It takes organization and planning to successfully deliver a bunch of paintings to a show without forgetting anything. Or Breaking/Tearing/Losing anything. (Yes, I've done all those things, especially forgetting stuff.)

After a final varnish on a couple new pieces, I have to select which paintings to take. I had the new work but needed more, so chose several from my inventory...
From the cabinets under the counter
A couple big ones from the closet
New ones all ready to go
Now time to put together an inventory list.

I identify each painting with a number on tape that matches numbers on the inventory sheet. This makes it easier for whoever hangs the work to put the right labels with the right paintings. Artists put titles and other info on the back of the painting, so it's hard to know the title without having to unhang the painting and look at the back, in order to be sure the label on the wall is correct. That may sound silly, but you can't imagine how frustrating it is to have a label in your hand and not know which painting it goes to.

On to packing the car.
I'm taking 20 pieces of art to this show. I can pack as many as 40 in my car, so this "pack" takes some thought, but isn't too big a deal. The main thing is to be sure everything is secure and won't slide around. I use carpet padding between paintings to keep them from slipping...works like a charm. The big ones, shown at an angle, are 48"x48", so they go in first, and everything else gets packed around them.

Okay, so now it's time to hit the road. The gallery is a couple hours from my house, so I picked up my sister and made it a road trip. The weather was gorgeous and the leaves were at peak color in most places. What was essentially a work day ended up being a fun day with my sis!
Heading toward the North Georgia mountains
And we arrive at the school house at Sautee Nacoochee.
Bring the paintings in.
Sister Susie and another artist bringing work in.
Someone else will do the actual hanging, so all we had to do was bring the work in and put it in the hallway where it will be hung.
Placed along the walls where they will be hung.
And that is it for this phase of the show.
Done. Going back home.
Next, I come back for the opening reception, when I can see how it all looks hung on the walls!

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