The Reason Resin Resonates With Me

Detail of Goldfinch painting
I spent the better part of last week experimenting with a new varnish to finish some paintings I wanted to take over to Lake Oconee. I got some artist grade resin to use on them. I'd first seen work finished this way in my favorite gallery in Atlanta, Pryor Fine Art. Pryor shows artists from around the country who are using new methods and technology to create their work. The art has a cutting edge look to it that inspires me every time I visit.

Anyway, I'd been intrigued by the resin and itching to use it on some of my own work, to see how it would look. This stuff is not for sissies, as far as the application process goes. We're talking respirator, blow torch, and sanders. Fortunately, I'm married to a man who regularly stocks all these items in his shop behind the house.

What I like about the resin finish:

  • Look closely and you will see every brush stroke and color on the painting.
  • It makes the painting look like it has just been painted.
  • It brings out all the freshness and vitality of the work, as it looked while being created.
  • The resin creates a clarity to the image on the canvas that is not possible with traditional varnish.
  • The resin coated surface is hard, scratch resistant, and easy to clean. I just wipe it with a soft cloth.
  • It is totally safe once it dries. You could eat off it, but don't. That would be messy.

Detail of lamb painting, see each stroke and color clearly
It's hard to photograph :(  This is the lamb with resin finish, as it was drying
These newly varnished paintings are in Weinberger's at Lake Oconee until the first part of October. This makes the fifth summer that my work has been featured in their store. I appreciate their willingness to feature local artists, especially since several paintings have sold. Seeing a painting in a room setting is a great way to imagine what it will look like in one's own house.

I'll be using the resin with new work. I'm currently painting for Watson Gallery and also for a show this fall at Sautee Nachoochee in North Georgia.

I'll keep you posted.


  1. Interesting....but...blow torch? what for? and where do you purchase the resin?

    1. Hi Denise!
      The resin, when poured, can have bubbles in it. The torch removes the bubbles. You can find out more at artresin.com. I also purchased my resin through that website.