Art Noise, And Other Ventures

Gail Vail and me
I've made a commitment, along with artist friend and Art of Oconee gallery partner Gail Vail, to write Art Noise, a lake area newspaper column about (surprise!), the Art Scene in the Lake Oconee area. It's a column that was written by another local artist, but she recently left the area to pursue new opportunities.

So, why did I decide to do this? It wasn't my idea, I mean, I didn't immediately think of it. The idea was suggested by Maria Siffert from Dress The Walls, business partner of Art of Oconee. Maria jumped on it, suggested it, and so Gail and I decided to sign on.

I seem to be getting more involved in writing and web-based, ongoing projects of late. My other projects? The list is growing, and I am excited about it. First of all is my own website and blog, naturally. I also manage and write for the Art of Oconee website/Blog. (Not because I was just achin' to do it, but because there was a need and I was willing to take it on.) Well guess what? I have learned a TON about blogging, and that has led to an interest in Facebook, so now I have a personal Facebook page and am managing the gallery Facebook page as well. The same thing pretty much happened for the email account for the gallery, so I volunteered for that, too. Again, HUGE learning opportunity. I also have a personal Twitter account, but haven't spent much time with it (future...).

I try not to get involved with stuff unless I feel there is a personal or professional benefit for me. I must say, learning about all this web media has involved a learning curve (can we say cobwebs on the easel?), but I am much more comfortable with the writing now. I'm not saying I'm a thrilling read (yet!), but I think my message will improve over time. Practice makes perfect, and all that.

I recently completed a job putting together the website and blog for Lake Country Authors, a group of area writers who are all published authors. It got fairly complicated, but I am pleased with the result! You can see for yourself: LakeCountryAuthors.com

One more thing, I must admit I got a new toy tool to help me - an iPad 2. I've spent a ton lot, of time researching apps to help me organize, write, and keep track of everything, and I am just now starting to feel like I have some control over it. So much so that I might be able to get back in the studio for some serious summer painting!

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